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MODRON Dispute Resolution Technology

One Account

The best tools for dispute resolution professionals are inside. With your MODRON One Account, you have everything required to resolve your clients disputes and manage your entire business.

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MODRON One Accounts
MODRON Dispute Resolution Technology
Integrated Online Dispute Resolution

Flexible Framework

Over 40 powerful and integrated new tools. Work across all of your devices to provide an enhanced experience for your clients.

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MODRON Dispute Resolution Technology
MODRON Dispute Resolution Technology
Always available and connected

Mobile Business

Manage your clients, cases, contacts, billing, ecommerce, calendar, tasks, marketing, promotion and more - from wherever you, or your clients happen to be.

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MODRON One Account

$490Yearly - 2 months free!
  • Private and group video calls
  • Secure instant messaging 
  • Complete case management controls
  • Integrated and unique ODR tools
  • Secure file sharing 
  • Unlimited clients and cases
  • Digital client billing cycle
  • Free training
  • Across all devices 
  • Available anytime
  • For accredited professionals only

The ADR sector needs to go online to ensure continued growth and impact in this technology centric world. There hasn’t been a sufficiently flexible ODR tool that mediators can use to resolve disputes online, until now. MODRON's One Account is that tool. Not only does it provide mediators with an online platform, but it enhances the entire ADR business model.

Alan Limbury Leading Specialist Accredited Mediator

The technology is intuitive, simple to use and incredibly effective at managing disputes anywhere, anytime for practitioners and parties. 

Ellie Pietsch, General Manager Australia Resolution Institute

The MODRON One Account has many tools to support the management and resolution of disputes online. Features such as one-click video conferencing, case management control and file sharing make it easy to see how effective online dispute resolution can be leveraging this technology. 

Alana Phadke Lawyer, Sydney

Alternative dispute resolution now has an alternative!

Max Bardella Director

The key feature of the MODRON One Account is its flexibility and reach.  If you are located in New York and your clients are in Sydney, you can still provide them with an enhanced and effective dispute resolution experience.

Mel Pudig Lawyer, New York City

40+ powerful new tools

Every MODRON One Account comes with a complete set of integrated tools, functions, features and complete ODR capability.

Always available

Both you, and your clients, can access the platform and interact with the case, at anytime, and from anywhere in the world.

Notifications and Updates

Stay completely up to date and in touch with updates, alerts as well as email and sms notifications for all areas of your business.

Work across your devices

Switch devices to suit your lifestyle. Everything is live and always available on your tablet, laptop, mobile or smart device. Your clients enjoy the same flexibility with their access.

Efficient Case Management

Progress a case with just a few clicks. And manage multiple cases with greater efficiency, by leveraging your new tools inside your MODRON One Account.

Digital Billing Cycle

Take advantage of automated invoicing, global online payments, currency conversion and receipts. Online client payments go directly into your bank account.

Resolve disputes from anywhere

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