Your organisation exists to serve customers - that’s hard.

Finding them and helping them find you is easy with Flow.

Flow makes your services available to customers in their own home from their own devices. The power of seamless integration with your existing website and service channels with customer engagement via browser, email and SMS.


Working out what they want is easy with Flow.

Flow drives the classification, triage and assignment of inbound requests and automates the delivery of services based on configurable business logic. It enables the orchestration of services across departmental and organisational boundaries.


Developing effective ways to meet their needs is easy with Flow.

What if customers could access your content and services on demand, for themselves? Flow combines natural conversations with structured workflow, forms and outputs. Notifications, assignments and approvals ensure that nothing falls between the cracks.


Giving them a voice and the chance to be heard is easy with Flow.

Flow has a suite of secure communication tools for all preferences and abilities including private and group voice, video, messaging and file sharing to support multi-party collaboration between staff, customers and stakeholders.


Serving them efficiently, appropriately and consistently is easy with Flow.

At the heart of Flow is a powerful and simple engine for combining individual actions into “recipes” that automate information capture and service delivery. This includes document and artefact scanning and management with access control and auditing.


Adapting to change - in constraints, competition, needs and expectations - is easy with Flow too.

With Flow; services, business rules, and access controls are configurable at any time. Access real-time insight into business performance through configurable dashboards or deep dive into your data with custom querying and reporting.


Flow makes it all easier.

Instant messaging
Private video calls
Group video and conference calls
Email and SMS integration
Online Dispute Resolution
Onsite and remote sessions in real time
Easy onboarding and in-app guidance
Automated induction into hearings
Live submissions of evidence
Service delivery
Self serve access to content and services
File requests and sharing
Automated triage of new issues
Scheduling with calendar integration
Workflow automation
Smart form creation and deployment
Workflow configuration and automation
Notifications and reminders
Dashboard of outstanding actions
Document management
Scanning and uploading
Document versioning
OCR and voice to text transcription
Automated translations
Online payments and invoicing
Fee structure and pricing configuration
Inter-party payments and settlements
Integration and exports via CSV
Dashboards for key metrics
Advanced search and file retrieval
Custom querying and reports
Data warehousing and integration
Security and privacy
Granular access controls
Comprehensive access logs
Military grade encryption
Multi-zone redundancy disaster recovery
Mobile, tablet and desktop access
Standard browser and internet access
Simple and familiar interfaces
WCAG 2.0 compliant

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