Our goal is to become the most powerful service engine for driving citizens’ access to justice, worldwide.

There are two essential ingredients to the MODRON business and our strategy: technology capability and an understanding and empathy for people in conflict with one other. The MODRON platform is the vehicle that enables dispute resolution practitioners, organisations, and B2C enterprises to serve their customers by capturing, classifying, allocating, administering, mediating, hearing, and resolving disputes between parties.

Our customers have data and a deep understanding of the problems they face. We have proven products and an engineering mindset. We send our engineers into the field to work directly with our customers—deploying our products, integrating their data, optimizing their workflows, and producing operational results in weeks, not years. By establishing a true partnership, we help customers get the most out of our products and engineering expertise.

Our design, delivery and domain experts partnered with your teams.

Recent work: The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal

The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal recently partnered with MODRON to test the impact of Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) for the purpose of increasing access to justice for citizens. The platform enabled citizens and staff to process genuine cases in real time from multiple locations and the pilot was a resounding success by all measures. More info

VCAT's ODR pilot with MODRON.
VCAT's vision for the future after the pilot.