Why MODRON Spaces?

MODRON Spaces is designed to enhance the one thing that technology cannot, and should not, replace: human connection. MODRON believes in connecting dispute resolution professionals with those in need of strategic thinking, emotional intelligence and a trusting professional relationship.

Anytime access.

Both you and your clients can access the platform, and interact with the case, at any time, and from anywhere in the world. Clients will be able to engage with you online, in a real-time and meaningful way, without the added time and expense of travel and in-person meeting costs.

Mobile, tablet and desktop access
Standard browser and internet access
Resolve from anywhere

Integrated video calls.

MODRON Spaces provides industry leading, feature rich video calls. Whether participating from a mobile device on a 3G network, or a laptop with spotty wifi, our technology optimizes bitrate, frame rate and other parameters dynamically for your users. This dynamic adaptation, combined with our audio fallback options, means that calls are not disrupted.

Easily record live calls
Screen sharing
Multi party support

Integrated chat.

MODRON Spaces has a suite of secure communication tools for all preferences and abilities including private and group messaging. Receive and send instant messages to parties in a case at any time. Seamlessley switch from private chat to group chat with complete control over visibility and privacy.

Instant communications
Private and group channels

Integrated file sharing.

MODRON Spaces allows you and your clients to share any file or folder easily, with anyone. Share from anywhere, using your phone, tablet or computer.

Easily share and store files in online project folders
Send unlimited files and folders without size limitations
Access files from anywhere, with any device
Maximum security with encryption, permissions and auditing

Client management.

MODRON Spaces makes it easy to manage all of your client information and interactions on a single platform that’s always accessible — from anywhere. With your information in one place, you’re ready to transform your customer’s experience.

Get faster, reliable case resolution with a complete client view.
Improve first-visit resolution, onsite management, and more, in the office and in the field.
Identify opportunities and issues from any location or device.

Case management.

MODRON Spaces allows you to manage, investigate, and track cases without leaving the platform, as well as add new information through simple data entry forms and export follow-on reports in configurable templates.

Dashboard of outstanding actions
Workflow configuration and automation
Advanced search and file retrieval

Structured conversations

What if clients could access your content and services on demand, for themselves? MODRON Spaces combines natural conversations with structured workflow, forms and outputs. Notifications, assignments and approvals ensure that nothing falls between the cracks. MODRON Spaces is the vehicle that enables dispute resolution practitioners, organisations, and B2C enterprises to serve their customers by capturing, classifying, allocating, administering, mediating, hearing, and resolving disputes between parties.



Switch devices to suit your lifestyle, and allow your clients the same flexibility. Everything within MODRON Spaces is live and always available on your tablet, laptop, mobile or smart device. Stay completely up to date and in touch with email and SMS notifications for all areas of your business.

Email notifications
SMS notifications
Tasks and reminders management

Dashboards and stats

Access real-time insight into business performance through configurable dashboards or deep dive into your data with custom querying and reporting.

Dashboards for key metrics
Advanced search and file retrieval
Custom querying and reports

Resolve disputes online

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