Resolve the world's disputes. Whenever. Wherever.
MODRON exists to help solve the problem of access to justice. We achieve this by developing technological solutions for resolving complex disputes, allowing mediators, enterprises and governments alike to facilitate these discussions wherever the participants may be.
We believe that to support the needs of the future, there will be more reliance on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) technologies. We look to partner with the professionals and end users in these spaces to make that a reality.
Meet Spaces
To address this we created MODRON Spaces, an all-in-one software platform to get all the relevant parties together to resolve a dispute. MODRON Spaces encompasses a suite of tools such as integrated video conferencing, secure file sharing and messaging to allow mediators and facilitators to get everyone communicating and achieve great outcomes.
MODRON Spaces provides you with the building blocks you need to take your dispute resolution activities, be they mediation or arbitration, out of the physical world to online where you and your clients are not burdened by having to all be at the same place at the same time.
Join the Club
We rely on our valued customers to help guide us to how best develop our solutions. Join them to help us make our platform the best possible.
  • "MODRON Spaces is the best online mediation tool to have been developed in the 32 years since I began mediating."
    - Alan Limbury, Strategic Resolution