June 30th 2020

Spaces for students is a great learning success

Nathan Polito
Nathan Polito

Spaces allows universities and other learning institutions to easily incorporate practical learning elements into their educational processes driving fantastic results.

We are very interested in supporting education and learning initiatives wherever we can. We have worked with a number of Universities and have enjoyed every experience and have been thrilled with the results.

Most recently, we partnered with Monash University and collaborated with Lecturer & Senior Fellow of the Law Faculty Nicole Mollard. Nicole's Principles of Litigation and Dispute Resolution students (formerly Civil Procedure) in the Monash JD program completed their ADR/mediation assessment activity online this trimester using MODRON Spaces.

Here’s a sample of their reflections on the Online Dispute Resolution experience:

“I thought SPACES was a terrific platform in terms of functionality, user-friendliness and accessibility. I usually judge technology on how easy it would be to teach my Dad to use it, and I think he’d nail SPACES with a short tutorial.”
“Spaces was user friendly… I found it useful that I could communicate with my clients, and vice versa, no matter the time…. This technology is valuable given the current times in which we live.”
“The physical distance reduced tensions and provided a metaphoric yet tangible separation of the issues in play."
“The chat function in SPACES worked brilliantly when my client with limited English needed to occasionally confer with her son about the meaning of unfamiliar words."
“We had an unexpected support person join our mediation late; the SPACES platform enabled him to provide support via the chat function to his friend without disrupting the mediation where common ground had just been established."
“I find confrontation challenging but felt comfortable negotiating on SPACES because there was physical distance between me and the other party. I’m also a nervous public speaker – but with SPACES I could pre-record a video of my opening statement."
“Structure is so important in mediation – the Issues function in the SPACES platform was a vital touchstone in negotiations."
“Conducting our mediation online had several benefits; the main one being when I uploaded my opening statement I did it from the bedroom in the house where the noise and wall issue was, so the other side could see and hear my problem in context!"
“The expense of room hire and incompatible work schedules would have made face to face mediation unworkable in our dispute; SPACES provided a solution for our time poor and under resourced clients."
“Being able to move quickly in and out of the SPACES really assisted us to reach a mutually beneficial outcome. As a party, I could pop into the space my lawyer was in to ask a question confidentially, and then pop straight back into the joint session and continue negotiating."
Leverage Spaces at your University

MODRON wants to support people in the world who are doing good things. That's why we offer special discount pricing for qualified nonprofit organisations and educational institutions. Please contact us to discuss.


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