Strategic Resolution

MODRON has been working closely with Alan Limbury during the development of MODRON Spaces, to ensure it benefits from real-world dispute resolution experience. The following captures his thoughts on the platform.

Online dispute resolution has changed a lot since the mid-1990s, when it was done only by email and was prone to generate mistrust and misunderstanding. Now that the quality of videoconferencing is virtually as good as face-to-face, MODRON Spaces enables mediators to provide to disputants tailored communication in a secure environment. It enables parties to engage online confidentially and instantly with the mediator, with each other and with their lawyers, separately or together, without incurring the costs and time of travel.

MODRON Spaces also enables mediators to conduct their whole practice through one digital platform, which can handle administrative functions, such as uploading documents, making appointments, sending invoices and receiving payment, thus allowing more time for mediators to focus on the always difficult process of mediating complex disputes.

Having myself mediated face-to-face in New Zealand and the UK, as well as in Australia, I see MODRON Spaces as a means to continue to mediate interstate and internationally without leaving home. To my mind, because it is so flexible, MODRON Spaces is the best online mediation tool to have been developed in the 32 years since I began mediating.

I have been greatly impressed by the way in which you and your team have constantly pursued ways to perfect the platform, so as to provide the flexibility to meet the needs of parties, lawyers and mediators across the entire spectrum of disputes.

Partnering with industry icons like Alan has made MODRON Spaces what it is today. If you would like to know more about this project or how we could assist you, please don't hesitate to contact us.