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Universities, colleges and other learning programs can leverage the latest dispute resolution technology to integrate exciting new subjects and modules into their existing law and ADR courses. This practical learning and training environment provides for live simulations and test case scenarios, all within a sandbox environment. Teachers and administrators are equipped with built-in marking and evaluation functionality, and can also choose to observe and participate in student activities.

Student Accounts

Each student is given their own cloud based learning account where they can access course curriculums, video demos, robot test cases and an entire communication suite allowing them to connect with their teacher and fellow students. Requiring zero plug-ins, software or hardware.


Each administrator is given complete control over the online learning environment, including access and supervision settings and permissions for teachers and students. All controls can be easily changed at any time, giving complete flexibility to adapt to many different subjects and courses.

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Learning environments

White Labelling

Each administrator can easily white label brand their online learning environment, including having its own landing, sign-in, marketing and information pages, all generated through the platform.

Practical Learning

Students can participate in online learning activities such as robot test cases and live case simulations with other students. Multiple roles can be simulated within a safe sandbox environment, giving students a practical understanding of real-life dispute resolution matters.

Global Collaboration

Teachers and students from all around the world can easily access and interact within the learning environment at any time. Students can participate in competitions and training activities involving students from different learning institutions - creating a new and exciting opportunity to share knowledge and skills.


Developed to create an engaging and real-time online learning environment for both teachers and students, educators can take advantage of the efficiencies of technology, whilst still promoting important professional skills such as strategic thinking, emotional intelligence and communication capabilities.

Bespoke Curriculum

Content can be created, structured and adjusted to suit existing or new courses and subjects. Educators can easily change the content, and integrate any of the tools, features and functions within the platform, at any time, to help create new and dynamic teaching methods for their students.

Integrated Teaching Controls

Teachers can supervise student work and directly participate in online simulations and learning exercises to help teach and evaluate students throughout the course.


University of New South Wales integration

“I am excited to offer my students MODRON’s innovative ODR platform to develop their learning and skills, and I am equally excited to continue to collaborate with MODRON to further develop their technology for Universities. I believe MODRON’s technology can greatly contribute to the teaching of our future lawyers, mediators and other dispute resolution professionals, particularly now that ODR has been identified as a legitimate and effective resolution method within Australia and its legal system.”
Dr. Rosemary Howell

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Given the issues of costs and time that is involved with traditional mediation sessions, transferring mediation to an online platform could facilitate a readily-accessible discussion anytime, anywhere that parties and mediators so desire.

Dora Fung
Law student

With businesses choosing to work with interstate or international companies, it can be physically impossible or impractical for parties to meet face-to-face. To resolve disputes and clear misunderstandings before they escalate, MODRON provides a great platform for parties to discuss their disputes online.

Yenee Su
Law Student

MODRON…will ultimately be the future of alternative dispute resolution. The fact that the parties were separated allowed me better to ascertain their positions and interests without either being influenced by the other party.

Henry Back
Law Student

…I think MODRON provides a revolutionary platform for alternative dispute resolution. It is essential that the law keeps up with technology. People are attracted to processes that are easy, efficient and effective. Thus, the existence of online platforms such as MODRON might actually attract people to ADR.

Amelia Healy
Law student

After using the platform, I learned that MODRON could be quite an effective tool for simpler problems. For example, I could see the advantages in a remote, asynchronous dispute resolution tool where parties to negotiation were in different time zones and locations. The formal process gave parties a structured roadmap to resolve an asynchronous dispute without getting lost and ‘forgetting’ each process of the dispute.

Ken Tong
Law Student

MODRON provides a brilliant, one-of-a-kind experience for students who are learning about the art and process of mediation. It is a highly effective and efficient platform providing students with a professional sandbox environment to experience alternative dispute resolutions hands-on.

Wilson Zhang
Law Student
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