MODRON's Gateways offer Enterprises and Government entities the latest in dispute resolution technology solutions. Capable of processing everything from basic complaints through to complex legal matters and disputes, each Gateway can be designed and completely customised by its operator to suit their own dispute resolution and case management processes. With complete control over white-label branding, integrated marketing tools and commerce settings, as well as reporting and statistical data, a Gateway offers an incredibly adaptive and flexible system for processing any type, size and volumes of dispute cases.

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Complete control

Each Gateway allows for any combination of individual administrators, mediators, lawyers, dispute resolution professionals and/or internal staff to be inserted into the dispute resolution process at any time. Operators of their own Gateway can adjust and control macro settings and make changes at any time to ensure the dispute resolution process and case management system suits the needs and requirements of the entity it is serving.

Instant adjustments any time

Operators can design and customise their Gateway to match their organisations existing processes, goals and objectives. This includes control over the resolution processes, the Gateways branding, assigned mediators and staff as well as an integrated commerce platform if applicable. Adjustments can be made by operators at any time.

Resource freeing automation

Operators design the resolution processes for their Gateway by choosing from a suite of automated tools, functions and stages and steps using simple drag and drop functionality. Once the process has been designed the entire dispute resolution process, case management, billing and reporting is completely automated for the organisation.

Complete branding control

A Gateway is completely white label branded to match the organisation. Operators can easily establish and make changes to branding, messaging and communications throughout the Gateway at any time. This allows a Gateway to be seamlessly and instantly adapted to an organisation’s evolving positioning, strategy, location, business model and areas of operation.

Integrated payment and billing

When payments are applicable for the organisation, operators can quickly and easily design and implement PCI-DSS compliant pricing and payment models to match the organisations processes, goals and objectives. An organisations Gateway can accept all major debit and credit cards from users in every country in 135+ currencies.

Future proofed scalability

A Dispute Channel Gateway can process a virtually unlimited number of disputes, and can scale perfectly to match an organisations current and future needs. Implementing a Gateway, represents establishing a long term, automated, flexible, efficient and scalable dispute resolution solution for that organisation. One that can grow and adapt with the organisation.

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Applications for Law Firms, Government Departments, Courts and Tribunals, Real Estate, Finance, Telcos, Medical, Insurance, Human Resources and many other sectors. Get in touch with an enterprise solutions specialist by requesting a consultation below.

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