Adding users to your case

This guide looks at how to add any number of participants to your cases.
Written by Nathan Polito
Last updated September 8th 2020

Requirements You will need your own MODRON Spaces account. If you don’t already have your own account, we invite you to try the platform totally free.

Step 1. Locate the Teams section within Caseview

First you need to have a case created. If you need help with how to create your case check out this guide.

Once your case has been created, you then need to enter Caseview by clicking on the case name in the main navigation, as seen in the screen shot below.

Caseview is a high-level view of a case.
From within Caseview you will see the Teams section of your case. For more information on managing your Teams check out this guide.
Step 2. Adding users to your Teams
To add a user, click on the Add user… link under the Team you want them to be added to.
When you click the Add user… link the Add a user to your case screen will appear.

You will then be presented with two options for the type of user to add, these are:

  • New Party User: For a person that has not accessed your platform previously (most common);
  • Existing User: For a person that has previously access your platform. If you are unsure if a person has previously accessed your platform you can start with the New Party user type and you will be notified if there is an existing user account, in which case you will switch to adding an existing user.
Enter the relevant information for the new user.
You will notice the option to toggle Send onboarding email automatically. If you select this option we will automatically send a welcome email to the new user which will include a link to access the case. If you don't select this option you will have to manually send a message to the new user that includes their unique onboarding link so that they can access the case.
When you are ready click the Submit button to create your new user.
When you click the Submit button you will see a message very similar to the above if you chose Send onboarding email automatically
You will see a message very similar to the above if you chose not to Send onboarding email automatically
Your new user will be added under the relevant Team. You can repeat this step for each user you wish to add in your case.
You can click on the new user's name to open an options screen for managing them. From here you can click Copy Onboard Link to copy the users unique onboard link that you can then paste into a message to send to the user.

If you have followed the steps, you will have added a number of participants and securely onboarded them to your case.

“There is no limit to the number of Teams you can create and also no limit on the number of users you can onboard under each Team.”

If you don’t already have your own MODRON Spaces account, sign up for a free trial and see how easy it is to setup your own Spaces, your way.

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