Sharing and managing all types of files in a case

This guide looks at how to share, receive and manage all types of files within a case. Every participant in a case has this ability to securely share and receive documents, images, video, audio and files while easily managing any required confidentiality between parties.
Written by Nathan Polito
Last updated January 29th 2020

Requirements You will need your own MODRON Spaces account. If you don’t already have your own account, we invite you to try the platform totally free.

Step 1. Start the upload file process

First you need to have a case created. If you need help with how to create your case check out this guide.

From within your case you then navigate to the appropriate space for sharing your file. For this guide we will share a file in the Everybody Space so that anyone in the case can view the file. At the bottom-right of a Space is what we refer to as the Omnibar as seen below.

Click on the Omnibar.
When you click on the Omnibar, you will see the option to Upload File - click on that option to get started.
Step 2. Select and upload your file
Once you click the Upload File option, the upload file screen will open. Here you can decide on a name for your file as well as select the file you wish to upload either by dragging it into the window or browsing for it on your device. Your chosen file can be an image, document, video or audio file. Once you have selected your chosen file you will see a preview of it.
Step 3. Your file is posted to the space
By clicking on the Upload button you will post the file to the Space. Anyone who is part of that Space will be able to view the file. By choosing the appropriate Space to post a file you can control who will be able to view it.
Step 4. All the shared files in a Space aggregate in the Space panel
By clicking on the Arrow button at the top right of a Space you can open and close the Space panel. Here you will find all the important information about the Space in one place including all the shared files.
Step 5. Delete a shared file
By clicking on the trigger to the right of a file in the Space panel you can reveal more options.
When you click the trigger to the right of a file additonal options will appear for managing the file. One of these is the option to Delete the file. Click the Delete option to delete that shared file.

If you have followed the steps, you will have uploaded and shared a file that can be viewed from your Space.

“Also keep in mind that any type of file can be uploaded and shared, sometimes video and audio files can add an extra dimension to communications and supporting evidence in a case. Have a think about the potential use cases in your own dispute resolution processes.”

If you don’t already have your own MODRON Spaces account, sign up for a free trial and see how easy it is to setup your own Spaces, your way.

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