Schedule events in a case

This guide looks at how to schedule events and tasks for anyone in your case. Scheduling in an integrated way within your cases adds efficiency, flexibility and convenience for you and your clients.
Written by Nathan Polito
Last updated February 7th 2020

Requirements You will need your own MODRON Spaces account. If you don’t already have your own account, we invite you to try the platform totally free.

Step 1. Start scheduling an event

First you need to have a case created. If you need help with how to create your case check out this guide.

From within your case you then navigate to the appropriate space for scheduling an event. For this guide we will schedule an event in the Everybody space so that anyone in the case can view the scheduled event. At the bottom-right of the screen is what we refer to as the Omnibar as seen below.

Click on the Omnibar.
When you click on the Omnibar, then you will see the option to Schedule an Event - click on that option to get started.
Step 2. Enter the details of your event
Once you click the Schedule an Event option, the Schedule an Event screen will open.

Here you enter the necessary details for the event, first enter the Title and Description which can be anything that makes sense.

Then set the Event Date and the Event start and Event end times.

Then finally select the Attendees for the event. You can select as many Attendees as you need to, but only those who have access to the space will be available to select here.

When you are satisfied with the details of your event you can click the Submit option to post the scheduled event to the space.

Step 3. Post your scheduled event to the Space
Once you click the Submit button your scheduled event will be posted to the space. Anyone who is part of that space will be able to view the event, but only the person(s) you selected as attendees will receive an email calendar invite.
Step 4. The attendees you specified for the event will receive an email invite
Once you have posted your scheduled event to the space, the person(s) you selected as attendees will receive an email with the details of the event.
Step 5. Attendees can easily add the event to their own calendars
Within the email that attendees will receive with details of the event will be an option to add the event to their calendar. By clicking on this option, the scheduled event can be fully integrated into their work and/or personal calendar.
Step 6. Attendees can go straight to the space at the required time with one click
Attendees will be able to click once and be taken to the relevant space when the time comes. Included in the email attendees receive is a Let's go option which when clicked will automatically take them where they need to be for the scheduled event.

If you have followed the steps, you will have created and shared a scheduled event.

“The specified attendees of the event will automatically receive an email invite to the event, and they can easily add the event to their own calendar. You can use this functionality to schedule anything, including tasks to complete for parties. Have a think about the potential use cases in your own dispute resolution processes.”

If you don’t already have your own MODRON Spaces account, sign up for a free trial and see how easy it is to setup your own Spaces, your way.

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