16th October 2017

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A new piece of technology capable of creating significant growth in revenue and jobs through an increase in cases resolved by the ADR and Legal sectors is set to transform Australia’s dispute resolution landscape.

The NSW Government-backed Jobs for NSW will support MODRON's development of this innovative dispute resolution software with a $100,000 grant under its Building Partnerships program.

Developed bespoke for government and enterprise level organisations, this project represents one aspect of the overall solution developed by MODRON to alleviate the burden placed on legal systems by smaller / less complex disputes.

This is an important project for MODRON because we are developing technology which doesn't yet exist in the world. Not only does it stimulate job growth for lawyers and mediators, but it is supporting the Australian courts and tribunals as well.

Nathan Polito - CEO

Richelle Nicols Managing Director and Nathan Polito CEO of MODRONNathan Polito - CEO and Richelle Nicols - Managing Director of MODRON

MODRON focuses on human-centric technology for dispute resolution professionals. MODRON's products, including the Federal Government supported One Account, are being piloted across several enterprise and government partnerships as part of MODRON's collaborative pilot partnerships program.

MODRON is 100% Australian owned and is set for commercial launch in 2018.

For media enquiries, please contact [email protected]