4th July 2017

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MODRON formally launched today its Collaborative Partnerships program, an initiative created by MODRON Directors Richelle Nicols and Nathan Polito. This initiative is designed to stimulate collaborative innovation between MODRON and dispute resolution leaders across government departments, enterprises and membership organisations.

MODRON's focus has always been on collaborating with industry leaders and experts. We are acutely aware that, in order to create human-centric technology for the Legal and ADR sectors, we first have to collaborate with industry leaders to ensure the technology we provide gives the industry what it wants and needs. Not what we think it needs.

Richelle Nicols, Managing Director

Under the Collaborative Partnerships program, industry partners are able to collaborate on dispute resolution technology for their own purposes, without incurring development or consultation costs.

This program is mutually beneficial for all involved. We get to learn about the industry by collaborating with an industry leader, and they get bespoke white labelled technology at the end of the program which they know works for them because they had a hand in building it.

Nathan Polito, CEO

Collaborative Partnerships are available across all sectors and industries and include government departments, law firms, membership organisations, education institutions and other enterprises with a dispute resolution requirement.

For media enquiries, please contact [email protected]