MODRON | Leonardo Borges

Leonardo Borges Chief Technology Officer

Formerly with CBA, Atlassian and ThoughtWorks, Leonardo Borges brings to MODRON a wealth of experience in software development across large scale projects, platforms and domains..

We are really excited to welcome Leo to the team. He is a really intelligent guy and his experience speaks for itself. MODRON has a very strong technology roadmap, so it was critical that we found someone like Leo to direct our technology development.

Nathan Polito, MODRON CEO

MODRON’s dispute resolution technology is currently undertaking pilot programs with key legal and ADR industry leaders, which presents a great opportunity for Leonardo to apply his experience and expertise to a new market.

I’m really excited about joining MODRON. Dispute Resolution presents great innovation opportunities and I’m looking forward to tackling these challenges. It also gives me the opportunity to dive deep into a new domain while building out our team, culture and tech strategy.

Leonardo Borges, MODRON CTO

MODRON Directors Nathan Polito and Richelle Nicols knew early on that Leonardo would be an invaluable addition to their leadership team.

Leo is passionate about building teams and whole heartedly believes that culture is at the centre of any successful business. He’s also really product focused and believes that technology should make people’s lives better. It didn’t take us long to realise he was a perfect match for MODRON.

Richelle Nicols, MODRON Managing Director

Leonardo believes in investing and giving back to the software development community. He has founded and hosts the Sydney Clojure User Group as well as being a published author, public speaker and open-source contributor.

Leonardo commences his CTO role with MODRON in January 2018.

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