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What is Spaces?
MODRON Spaces is the software platform we developed to help people resolve their disputes, wherever the participants are. By bringing everything online, no longer does everyone have to be in the same room at the same time for successful outcomes to be made.
The platform gets its name from its central concept of spaces, virtual rooms where different groups can discuss topics, share information and come to agreements. It is designed to be flexible, so it can arranged how you want to organise your cases.
We see Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), in particular the use of Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) becoming more and more commonplace to relieve the strain on traditional legal systems. MODRON Spaces aims to tackle that change head on while providing the best possible user experience for professionals and parties alike.
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The core features of MODRON Spaces are listed below. Don't just take our word for it though. Try MODRON Spaces for yourself, free for 14 days, and see how it can benefit your workflow.
  • Screenshot of overall case summary
    Case Management
    At the top level, MODRON Spaces provides case management functionality so you can manage all of your activities. Each case gets a high-level view that aggregates the relevant information from the various conversations taking place within it so you can find everyhing easily.
  • Screenshot of space with side panel open
    Virtual Rooms
    MODRON Spaces organises conversations into what we call spaces. By default, each case has a space shared with everyone but as a facilitator you can create spaces and invite whoever you feel is relevant. For example, you may choose to create a space for just the parties lawyers to converse. It is your case, you should be able to structure it how you want to run it.
    Each space is an ordered stream of everything that has taken place during the conversation. To make it easier, a sidebar aggregates all the information from the space in one place.
  • Screenshot of video call in grid view
    Advanced Video Conferencing
    We believe a core component of making online dispute resolution successful is seamless communication and nothing can replace being able to see and hear the people you are communicating with. We invested greatly in making the best video conferencing experience possible, regardless of whether you are in a meeting room, on your laptop, or even on your phone. Our solution will optimise the use of your available bandwidth, and gracefully degrade down to an audio fallback so you and your participants can always take part in the conversation.
    Different video modes allow you to give everyone the same level of attention, or focus directly on a particular person speaking. You are also free to navigate around the interface, your call will be seamlessly dropped into the corner so you can stay engaged.
  • Screenshot of mediation conversation
    Guided Conversations
    MODRON Spaces helps guide the process of dispute resolution through capturing key information. For example, initially you may collaborate on the key issues relating to the dispute. As you progress, you can capture the resolutions of how you are going to address the issues. To get there, you may use the instant messaging facility to quickly gather shorter, more free-form information.
  • Screenshot of MODRON Spaces on a mobile device
    Anytime Access
    The platform can not be available everywhere if it is not available on your device. We have invested in ensuring a great experience when using MODRON Spaces, whether you are on your laptop, tablet or mobile device.
  • Screenshot of documents shared in MODRON Spaces
    Secure Document Sharing
    MODRON Spaces has secure file sharing as part of its core feature set, allowing documents to be uploaded to a space and have them only visible to the participants of that space.
  • Screenshot of ongoing video recording
    Audio/Video Recordings
    There are circumstances where a document may not be sufficient, or a participant is not comfortable explaining an issue in text only. In these circumstances, it is important to hear from the person in their own words. MODRON Spaces includes the ability to create audio and video recordings so people can share their perspective in a time and place that suits them.
  • Screenshot of templated form being filled out
    Templated Forms
    Throughout the course of a dispute, you may wish to obtain structured information from a participant. While you could upload a form and have the respondant upload it again when they have completed it, MODRON Spaces includes a facility to create templated form requests that you can assign to people and they can complete inside the platform itself.
  • Screenshot of an event being scheduled
    Event Scheduling
    The dispute resolution process is often a combination of synchronous and asynchronous tasks. MODRON Spaces allows you to schedule events in the platform itself and send reminders so everyone can be online together when need be.
  • Screenshot of an invoice to be paid
    Invoicing and Payments
    MODRON Spaces is integrated with the popular Stripe payments platform. Once setup, you can invoice the parties and receive payments directly within the platform itself.
  • Screenshot of an agreement in MODRON Spaces
    Once the parties have come to some resolutions, these can be formalised in an agreement document. While this could be done in the real world, MODRON Spaces provides the ability to create agreements in the system itself and have participants indicate their acceptance in the context of the dispute itself.
  • Screenshot of the dashboard in MODRON Spaces
    Dashboard and Stats
    If you have many cases in progress, sometimes it is useful to get a birds eye view of what is happening right now. MODRON Spaces includes a dashboard view which shows you information about your cases, any pending work to follow up, or any events that are scheduled for the near future.
  • Screenshot of branding control in MODRON Spaces
    Control the branding
    You can completely rebrand your Spaces platform to match your organisation. Everything you, your colleagues and parties to a case will see will be branded as your own. This includes, login pages, the platform itself as well as emails that go out from the system. It is also a quick and simple process to integrate your Spaces platform into your existing website.
Monthly subscription pricing is simple. Pay for the number of facilitators you have using MODRON Spaces, that's it!
  • All the features
  • Unlimited cases and clients
  • 50GB storage limit
  • < 1 day response times
  • 3% fees on transactions
$299 p/m
Price is in Australian dollars and is exclusive of government charges. If you have higher support requirements, or are an enterprise or government organisation with a high case load, feel free to contact us regarding alternate licensing arrangements.
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