How Spaces replaces video call platforms

Spaces provides a unique end-to-end solution for dispute resolution. Facilitating not only synchronous but also asynchronous communications throughout the lifecycle of a case driving resolutions and successful outcomes much sooner in the process than is possible with just video.

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Existing or occurring at the same time

Spaces provides a suite of integrated communication tools that enable live conversations and collaboration to take place at the same time.

Space Calls allow you to facilitate integrated video calls in all of your cases. Seamlessly move participants between joint and private session video calls or any other calls in any of your Spaces. This flexibility has been specifically designed for dispute resolution processes such as mediations, arbitrations and hearings.
Space Messaging allows all the participants to instantly message to a Space. Participants can message while on video calls and can share links and even emojis.
Participants can securely upload and share any type of file to a Space. Shared files are made instantly available to the intended recipients and can also be shared while on a video call.


Not existing or occurring at the same time

The integrated communication options within each Space allow the participants to collaborate and have rich conversations at any time that suits. This can be particularly useful within scheduling, lifestyle and timezone constraints.

There are circumstances where a document may not be sufficient, or a participant is not comfortable explaining an issue in text, or you may not be able to get everyone together at once due to scheduling or timezone constraints. In these circumstances, it is important to hear from the person in their own words. Spaces includes the ability to create audio and video messages so people can share their perspective in a time and place that suits them.
Space Messaging allows all the participants to message to a Space. Messages are always available to view in a Space so that people can share their perspective and view conversations in a time and place that suits them.
Participants can securely upload and share any type of file to a Space. Shared files are always available to view in a Space so that people can share and access relevant images, audio, video and documents at a time and place that suits them.

Case management

Integrated case & contract management

Spaces provides integrated organisation wide case management functionality. Search, classify, filter, process, track, manage, analyse and export all your relevant case data across any matter or dispute.

At the top level, MODRON Spaces provides case management functionality so you can manage all of your activities. Each case gets a high-level view that aggregates the relevant information from the various conversations taking place within it so you can find everything easily allowing you to easily manage all of your cases from the one place.
Create agreements and have participants indicate their acceptance in the context of the dispute itself. Schedule events in the platform and send reminders so everyone can be online together when need be. Invoice the parties and receive payments to your nominated bank account directly within the platform itself.
MODRON Spaces adheres to open API based architectural principles. MODRON Spaces can be integrated into your existing systems, such as a case management and records management systems. MODRON Spaces can be configured to align with your existing processes, such as dispute creation and freedom of information requests.


Make the platform your own

You can completely rebrand Spaces to match your organisation. It is also a quick and simple process to integrate your Spaces platform into your existing website.

Everything you, your colleagues and parties to a case will see can be branded as your own. This includes, login pages, the platform itself as well as emails that go out from the system.
By integrating your Spaces platform into your website you can deliver a seamless, integrated experience for your users.

End-to-end solution

Manage the entire dispute resolution process from one place.
Catherine Davidson
“The whole case management function means I can use the platform flexibly across all the communication needs for my cases, including video and audio messages and file sharing. These features greatly assist the asynchronous communication needs of dispute management.”
Catherine Davidson
Mediator, Negotiator and Educator
Shiv Martin
"Far more than just a video conferencing tool. The benefit of specific tools such as multiple private spaces, document sharing, file management and appointment setting ensures that the whole dispute resolution process can be managed effectively in one location."
Shiv Martin
Mediator, Conflict Coach, Trainer and Facilitator

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